Saturday, June 19, 2010

orange stone ring 2009

technique: fabrication. 2 sterling silver bands fabricated separately. wider band set with a stone using a fine silver bezel.

she likes to wear them together with the MMY ring :)

mmy ring 2009

technique: fabrication. letters hammered into band with hammer
sterling silver band
MMY is mom's nickname

orange stones necklace for mom 2009

technique: fabrication
stone settings: fine silver bezels on sterling silver backs
necklace cord: leather with sterling silver clasp

Friday, June 11, 2010

band june 2, 2010

sterling silver
technique: lost wax casting

split band ring with orange stone june 9, 2010

sterling silver band, fine silver bezel
  • band: lost wax casting
  • stone: fabricated stone setting

sterling silver cuff bracelet June 9, 2010

sterling silver
technique: lost wax casting (see wax bracelet below)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

simple band for mandy may 2010

technique: fabrication. sterling silver sheet cut and soldered into a simple band. textured with a ball-peen hammer and edges sanded using a flex shaft with sandpaper attachment.

idiot's chain may 2009

technique: loop in loop. heavy gauge sterling wire wrapped around a 1/4" mandrel and assembled according to the idiot's chain technique. rings are not soldered.

casting step by step may 2010

how do i go from a ring that i fashioned out of wax:

into a sterling silver replica?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

green stone may 12, 2010

(i often wear the green stone ring with the split band ring together)

technique: lost wax casting (sterling silver band), fabricated stone setting (fine silver)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

black stone ring set june 2009

technique: fabrication from sterling silver sheet. each band fabricated separately. small bands textured with ball-peen hammer. stone setting made from fine silver bezel. worn as a set of 3.

ruthless ring winter 2009

technique: fabrication from sterling silver sheet. sterling silver band textured with a ball-peen hammer. "ruthless" carved out by first drilling holes, then cutting with a jeweler's saw.

nephrite jade pendant jan 2010



  • stone: nephrite jade
  • technique: fabrication with sterling silver sheet. sterling silver pendant back, textured with a ball-peen hammer. stone setting - fine silver bezel

first cast ring february 10, 2010

technique: lost wax casting. sterling silver. single band with split face.

bracelet april 2009

technique: loop-in-loop. loops created from sterling wire wrapped around a 1/4" mandrel, cut, filed, and soldered with silver solder.

Monday, May 24, 2010

ladder ring feb 2010

technique: band created by lost wax casting. shaped, sized, and soldered post-cast.

first ring june 11, 2009

technique: fabrication. 2 separately fabricated sterling silver bands attached to stone setting. bezel made from fine silver.